Stress-Free Wedding Planning including a Free Planning Checklist

December 11, 2019

I remember scouring the internet for every free wedding planning checklist that was available once I got engaged. If you have been down that google and Pinterest rabbit hole then you know what I’m talking about. You can find guides with way TOO many things that overwhelm you, and ones with too LITTLE that don’t help at all.

As you dive deeper and try to make some sense of this complex thing we call wedding planning, you are either in one of the following two modes.

First – laser focus mode. You feel like you could run a marathon, climb a mountain, finish a 5-page to-do list,  and still have time for an afternoon nap. Oooooor you are a desperate lost squirrel running around in circles wanting to find a hole to crawl into and call it a day.

I have been there, and I want to help you! Whatever you’re feeling…you’re justified, TRUST ME. Our feelings are not right OR wrong, they just are. So take a breath, and whatever feeling you have right now…own it.

Take a deep breath

Most of the time – the only one googling for information is you, the bride. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some really hands on grooms. No matter who is doing what, you HAVE to take time each day together. Watch that Netflix show, play that board game together, go on a walk, or go out and try a new restaurant.

Here’s some wise words that carry so much truth: a break can fix you. There is something about resting both physically and mentally that can turn your whole mood and perspective around. Of course working out, drinking water and getting the correct amount of sleep helps too! None of which is the first thing I gravitate towards but when I have all that done my stress is much lower.  So don’t forget to put your mental health first. Your wedding day will come, so just remember, this too will pass.

Now for your free wedding planning checklist

There are so, so many checklists out there but this is one I feel has all the major things I could think of that you want to be miss. It’s a good starter from which you can add or take away as you need. Enjoy!

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