Anniversary Session: Emi & Dan

September 23, 2018

Emi and Dan are the sweetest duo! To celebrate one year of marriage we took some anniversary photos of them – it was so much fun! We ran and jumped around on the side of the mountain, laughed, and had a blast.

Also – you guys – their story is the cutest! So the story is:

“In 2013 we both transfered into the same college for our junior years. My housemate and I wanted to have a bonfire and decided to go ask the boys next door to help us. 😉 Funny thing is, the two of us eventually married the two guys who answered the door!

He was seeing someone else at the time, so I had to wait a while before I
could make a move. He was a bouncer at the college best bar in the town (Geneseo, NY) and I was in a sorority, so we stayed good friends. In 2015 after he and his ex broke up, sparks flew, we started going out, and have been together ever since.

We eloped at city hall on April 28th, 2017!”

We really loved getting to work with these two and can’t wait to capture more anniversary photos for them in the future!

Emi & Dan - Anniversary Photos

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